Antrix Costumes offer an excellent range of quality, well-built hire outfits.
We're at Loose, south Maidstone, with free parking right outside!
Our collection is predominantly aimed at adults and/or those wanting a costume as unique as they are instead of something mass-produced.
Hire costs average £25-£30, with a refundable deposit of twice the hire fee (Cash or cheque (plus ID) only).
If you are looking for costumes to buy, this may not be the site for you, (but we do have plenty of accessories for sale!)


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Antrix has specialised in costume hire for over 25 years and we have outfits to meet most needs. We can also usually mix and match items to create the look you want. 
 Whether you are starting from scratch, or needing to 'upgrade' a pre-packaged outfit, give us a call and see what we can do.

We are primarily a costume-hire outlet. 
However, we do have a wide range of accessories and add-ons
for sale at our premises, but we do NOT hire or sell over the Internet.
Also, we only take payments by cash, or cheques backed by card & ID.


The 'Back to antrixonline mobile' button on the footer of web pages (except this one, which has the access button on the left, above the theme hub buttons) relates to our sister site and its cross-links to this site. Feel free to explore both versions!

Aside from our costume hire collection of over 1700 costumes, we have numerous accessories for sale. These include a comprehensive selection of wigs, make-up, masks (including Venetian and animals), and also various costumes for children.

Click here to download Antrix 2015 calendar