For almost 25 years, Antrix has offered higher quality hire costumes in Mid-Kent. We have a collection of around 1700 different outfits (plus numerous other items) and offer a friendly, personalised service.

Aside from this base site, we now have three other websites from which to find out more about us:  The comprehensive large one (about 170 pages - it varies), the downsized version, and the new mobile-friendly offspring, not so much small as fun-sized here.
Too much choice? It's a bit like our costume collection!
Costume hire may be our main business, but this site also showcases our many other related activities. We carry a good range of sell-through items and accessories for those who visit our premises to the south of Maidstone, at Loose, and, unlike some shops, we can offer help and advice on matters such as make-up and 'character development'.

Further Information on Antrix Services


We do not hire or sell costumes over the Web, but if you are in the Mid-Kent area, and you are after hire quality (or higher quality) costumes for your fancy-dress event, this is the place to be: We have a range of over 1700 costumes for hire - most of them are different from those you'll see elsewhere.

We don't feature all our outfits on this site (for that look at our main site which has a comprehensive A-Z listing) but the selection displayed in our Costume Theme Hub here is changed regularly to reflect current areas of interest. 

We try to offer a service different from anything you can find on the Web, and in most shops.
Feel free to browse at your own pace (and in peace) and we hope you enjoy your visit. 


Day & Evening Appointments Available.
Easy Parking.

Bookings now being taken for Christmas
and New Year.

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