Slogan Badges
Our 'sideline' badge product involves a range of slogans on badges such as those shown here. We currently have around 700 witticisms and bon mots from various sources: Famous quotations which may tie in with a costume concept - "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted"  or "When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm better" (both attributed to Mae West); or just general observations 'Who needs Men when I've got Chocolate?' 'In an Emergency buy me a Beer' etc.. Some of these were suggested (or commissioned) by customers whilst others were gleaned from elsewhere - even graffitti. Doubtless, in the same spirit, others will glean from us - we change the selection every so often to keep you supplied and/or amused.
Unfortunately, due to their thickness, postage costs on single badges almost equals the cost of the badge itself, so it is more economical to buy several badges (but we would say that!)

Ideal for Community Groups, Local Organisations, Businesses and Individuals

Our badge machine produces round 58mm 'safety' button badges for birthdays, promotional and general events.

We can also provide laminated conference and identity badges, for individuals, businesses, clubs and organisations.

A great activity at fetes, fun days, parties and promotional events is our 'Design A Badge' service. This is where we provide paper, pens and pencils for children to design their own artwork and then we turn it into a 'proper' badge.

As we have our own desktop publishing equipment we can also undertake special orders, with artwork charges from as little as two pounds. Unfortunately mailing single badges can be expensive, as its thickness puts it into the Large Letter category (around 95p +p&p), but we can provide quotes if necessary.

There is no minimum quantity and we also offer a range of pre-printed badges for sale. A badge stocklist for these is available on request.

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