We offer the following services/facilities to those in the Maidstone/Mid-Kent area of South-East England who may wish to visit us.

Payment for all our services is by Cash or Cheque only. 

Costume Hire
We have over1700 costumes on a wide range of themes, many unique to us and/or not available in the shops or through the Internet. In addition to the costume elements, many outfits come with additional items such as make-up charts and character background material to help you with your 'alter ego'. We can also help 'custom-create' a costume if circumstances allow.  As stated on the Home page, we are not currently intending to hire or sell costumes and accessories through the Web on this site.

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Wigs, Accessories & Props - Hire and Sale
In addition to renting out complete outfits, we can often hire out individual accessories where the client already has the basis of a costume. We also have a wide range of accessories and props for sale. More information on specific accessory groups can be found using the Accessories button on the Navigation Bar above

Theme Support
Aside from offering costumes, custom-made invitations, badges, etc., we also have a range of reference information specifically related to theme parties & events. Although these were initially designed for costume & party retailers, manufacturers & event organisers, they have also proved useful to school teachers and individuals, seeking information on specific topics.

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Badge Manufacture Service
We have our own badge machine and can provide round 58mm badges with 'safety' fastening.  There is no minimum order and we can also offer a one-off customised badge service, for when you need to get a specific message across.  We also have a range of pre-printed badges for sale. 

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Character Extras
At costumed events, it usually helps if people recognise to know who (or what) you are - saves you having to explain! However, sometimes the character may not be immediately obvious or might need some back-story, so, we can also offer Character Information sheets to help with your adopted identity.

In some cases we can provide extras to the costume which might give it an added dimension - visiting cards, badges, support literature, etc.,  helping you enhance the impression you make.

If you character/costume needs make-up or face/body paint, we can provide the relevant charts or sometimes even help with the make-up, either at our premises or 'on site', although obviously this is subject to availabilty and may involve extra costs.

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Face & Body Art
Although there are now many practitioners who specialise in this field, especially for childrens' parties, Antrix has for many years offered a face and body painting service both to complement our costume hire service and as a stand-alone facility, recently adding an airbrush system to our equipment. Click below to find out more

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