Sometimes, regardless of how good the costume itself looks, it can be the accessories that make it and help the client get into character. A weapon of some sort is always popular, especially with males!
We have a range of sword-styles available for hire, some for sale;
    Pirate cutlass' and daggers
    Zorro-style epees
    Cavalier swords
     Ninja swords
Amongst our other weapons we have:
    Gangster tommy-guns (in black and white)
    Pistols and cowboy guns

There are some safety issues to be aware of:
Under current rules, any toy guns (and those are the only ones firms tend to hire, if they are wise) should have a red end to their barrel/muzzle to distinguish them from the real thing. So far other items such as swords carry no such distinguishing marks, and most are incapable of doing much damage anyway being basically toys designed to break rather than cause harm That said, anyone carrying any sort of weapon, toy or not, in costume or out, needs to exercise caution when  in public: Heightened awareness of terrorist threat and increased police powers mean that what you might think is a harmless toy may not be seen as such by others.

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