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Why come to Antrix for your Costume/Fancy Dress needs?
Unique range of of individual costumes & accessories - primarily for hire, but some for sale.
Ability to mix and match costumes and accessories, until you find the look you are happy with.
Adult Costumes - Hire rates average £26
(plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £50 per costume).
Children's Costumes - Hire rates range from £12-£22
(plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £20 per costume).
Personal service.
Free parking (usually right outside).
Weekday evening appointments available, as well as daily appointments from Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays).


We have several different websites from which to find out more about us: The basic antrixonline site; this far larger site (about 170 pages - it varies), and a mobile-friendly offspring, accessed through the button below or here








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