If you are in a hurry, you can find pictures of most of our outfits using the Costumes and Themes A-Z buttons above!

We have several different websites from which to find out more about us: The antrixonline site; the far larger Antrix Costumes site (about 170 pages - it varies) and a Wix-based site. 


For those who would like to keep up to date with current topics of interest in the world of costuming and our activities, you can download our regular newsletter (as seen above - you can see it larger if you click it) using the button below.

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Regular insights and other
fun information on
the Wonderful World of Costuming can be found on our Facebooks (links to the side).
If you want to hire and are located in Kent, this is the place to be.
Meanwhile you might ask....
Why come to Antrix for your Costume/Fancy Dress needs?
We have a unique range of individual costumes & accessories - primarily for hire, but some for sale.
You can mix and match costumes and accessories to find the look you are happy with. We also hire out individual items if required.
Adult Costumes - Hire rates average £26
(plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £50 per costume).
Children's Costumes - Hire rates range from £12-£22
(plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £20 per costume).
We offer personal service and friendly knowledgable advice.
There is free parking (usually right outside).
Weekday evening appointments are available, as well as daily appointments from Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays).




Having reduced many of our existing hire rates, we have a new price list for all our costume stock. This is now available to view and download using the link below.

Download Antrix Autumn 2019 Pricelist


We hope to see you soon.


Antrix Costumes & Themes     01622-744711