It is not just the clothes that make a costume - many rely on essential elements such as wigs, weaponry or 'character props',  examples being Aladdin's lamp or Catwoman's whip (which is the symbolic substitute for her tail!).

At Antrix we appreciate that some customers may be able to assemble the basic elements of a costume from their own resources, but might need certain items not easily found on the High Street.

Alternatively there may be reasons to buy an item rather than hire it: It may be cheaper to buy; Some items may have to be bought for reasons of health and hygiene, or perhaps you might just want a souvenir of your costume when you have to give the rest back!

Thus, although we do not hire or sell costumes and accessories over the Web, we do have a large range of items for sale at our premises in Loose, Maidstone.






We have add-ons and accessories to meet most needs


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