Aside from Blofeld, who appears in various guises over a number of films (and even infiltrates the world of Austin Powers as Dr Evil), Bond has faced a wide variety of Villains, Criminal Masterminds and Henchmen (and Henchwomen) over the years. Here are a few from our collection. Links to the main Bond page and Other Bond Characters are at the bottom of the page.


It was probably during the 'Roger Moore' years that Bond films became a little outlandish in the villains, their henchmen and their plans for world domination.

The 'classsic' Blofeld is the Donald Plesance variety (as seen in 'You Only Live Twice'), but Telly Savalas ('OHMSS') and Charles Grey ('Diamonds Are Forever') also gave interpretations. Blofeld also made brief (and hence uncredited) appearences in 'From Russia With Love' and 'For Your Eyes Only'.

Henchmen also also larger than life: Jaws ('The Spy Who Loved Me' and 'Moonraker') was one of the few 'assistants' to return (We'd like to do him, but we can't track down any metal teeth!), Bambi and Thumper ('Diamonds Are Forever') make a nice fit twosome in more ways than one and Octopussy's circus-staff provide a whole spectrum of deviousness!

Somewhere in between are the Bond Girls - Bad-turned-Good, Feisty Fighters or perhaps just glam eye/arm candy.

There are also sundry other characters who crop up in Bond films. Click here for a selection

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