This theme has had increased interest since the recent remake of 'The Great Gatsby' "A little party never hurt nobody".
This is the era when, with the male population much depleted because of the First War, females began press for new social freedoms: For some, this was the quest for voting rights, for others, especially the young, it was challenging the 'rules' on fashion and appearence. Androgenous looks, shorter dress-styles, cropped or bobbed hair and use of make-up all played their part.
The 1920s era is also popular for the 'Gangster & Molls' alternative to the romantic February 14th - St. Valentine's Day where the days of Prohibition, the Speakeasy and the early days of Jazz can be celebrated.
Amongst other films celebrating this era are Chicago, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Bugsy Malone.
Here is a selection of the 1920s-style costumes we have available
- most come with the headdresses, boas, gloves, etc. seen here.
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