It is said "If you want to get ahead, get a hat". Although hat-wearing isn't as common as it used to be, headgear forms an integral part of many costumes, Cowboys, Gangsters, Highwaymen, Cavaliers and Pirates for example.
Although many of our costumes come with 'matching' headgear, some hats such as fedoras, trilbies etc. tend to come in standard sizes, are made of a hardened felt and are not always as durable as 'the real thing'. Then again, the real thing costs more than most people want to pay (if you can find it at all)!
To help those who just need a hat to finish their costume (eg. A Blues Brother pork-pie or an Australian corked hat) we usually carry a range of sell-through stock of items of headgear for purchase at our premises.

Some headgear may also come with a wig element - boaters with in-built plaits, Scots-style caps with ginger hair and rasta hats with dreadlocks. This integrated approach has benefits in that the sizing of most standard costume hats does not allow for the wearing of a wig underneath, so the alternative is sewing the hat to the wig - not always easy.




'Wherever I leave my hat, that's my home'
Other hats will be making their home here soon!

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