Historical Theme Days, Book Weeks and other 'dress-up' events are becoming more common at schools.
Antrix offers a selection of Childrens' costumes both to hire and to buy -those for book days/weeks can be found here. Unfortunately, because people's first inclination is to buy off the Internet these days, and our own limitations on space, we do not carry large quantities or 'multiples' of sell-through stock, but give us a try. You might be lucky!
You can download a pdf of our current children's Book Character costumes using the link below.

Click here to download Book Character file






It should also be said that in view of the special nature of these costumes, the cost of buying an outfit may not be much more (or less) than the cost of hiring it (and you don't have the bother of returning it and reclaiming your security deposit). In addition, some younger children may not grasp the concept of hiring and having to 'give back', so buying may prevent tantrums.

Also, despite the new trend for dress-up events at toddler and pre-school groups, costumes for those under 3 are very difficult to find: Costumes for all children have to be made to high standards and the manufacturers have been slow to catch on to the rising market. That said, we will do what we can to help. 

Please note
:- Although we sell children's costumes, we do not offer a postal/courier service, so you do need to make an appointment to come and view items for sale/hire. It is also advisable to bring the child with you to ensure that it fits and, more importantly, that they are happy to wear it!

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