Whilst the title ‘Bad Taste’ party should give due warning of what might be encountered, some people have a low tolerance threshold of what constitutes bad taste, whilst others can go too over the top and create offence, especially if the event is in a public access area. Even if the party is private, you have to travel to and from it! If in doubt, exercise caution and restraint!

For some, doing ‘Bad Taste’ is just a question of going to their closet and deliberately mis-matching colours and styles to create a major fashion faux-pas.

If your closet is not that big (or varied) because you shop carefully and get rid of what you don't (or won't) use, then go out of your way to create a style nightmare with what you’ve got, or just overdo your hair and make-up to err on the slutty side (Girls could do that as well)

Some might alternatively be able to dig out Fashions that Failed from the deepest recesses of their attics and cupboards (if it hasn’t already been flogged on eBay) to create some retro bad taste.

Here are a few ideas with which you can get creative. Please note that we at Antrix do not necessarily have costumes for all ideas listed (you may find some of them elsewhere on the Net) and anyway, not all of these outfits and ideas are necessarily available ‘off-the-peg’:

Pregnant Nun

Black & White Minstrel

King Herod

Mr Creosote, the diner who exploded (from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life)

Mary from ‘There’s Something About Mary’

Blambi (Hunter with a dead deer carcass)

Muff Diver

Captain Condom

Heart Patient

Knife Thrower & Tina the Target

Arab Terrorist

Steve Irwin (Australian Naturalist) & a Stingray (can be found in some toy-shops)

Dead Elvis, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse or any other pop star who has ‘passed on’.

Zombie variations on other past pop stars: Johnny Rotting, Bloody Holly and the Spice Ghouls, for example

Tampon Girl

Mini-skirted girl in a burkha

Wheelie-bin cat

Brussels Sprout (well it’s bad taste to some)

A jar of Marmite (ditto)

Hitler (or failing that, a Hitler European Tour T-Shirt)

Klu Klux Klan member

Jack the Ripper

Sweeney Todd

Serial Killer (take a few empty cereal boxes and a rubber knife)

Hugh Heffner and his new young girlfriend (possibly in a bunny-girl outfit)

Horror Fairy-tale characters – Snow Fright, Creeping Beauty, Little Dead Riding Hood, Sinderella get the general idea. As we've said, costumes are not always available, but we'll help if we can.