If you want to get involved in modelling costumes (or helping with other projects) and think you can make as good a job of it as those you see on this site, get in touch.
We are always looking for people who can spare a couple of hours of their time to model costumes, accessories, etc. for photographs in our ever-expanding costume and project catalogues. There is a good chance you could find yourself featuring on this website (although this is not obligatory!)
For more detailed information, you can download an information pack, using the link below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to download the Information Pack

Pay varies according to the particular project involved. We prefer models to be motivated by enthusiasm and creativity rather than how much money they can make. For some projects (eg body-painting) we may prefer to agree a set fee rather than working against the clock. Payment in kind ie TFP (Time for Prints), for goods or for discount on hiring can usually be arranged. 

Ideally you should be over 18, local to the Maidstone area with access to transport. (Under 18's may also be welcome provided they have completed the required forms and are accompanied by a parent/chaparone/guardian or similar).
As our pictures are designed to show off costumes and/or Face & Body Art, they are not meant as quality studio portraiture. However in the past models have used their work with us to show how versatile (or long-suffering) they can be for their own portfolios and other professional work.

You can see examples of our pictures throughout the site. If you are not sure what is involved in this type of modelling, contact us. Alternatively, we're happy to meet up with you and discuss how you may be able to help before you commit yourself. You're welcome to bring a friend or chaparone to this meeting and any sessions arranged.

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