We have a large range of eyelashes for sale. Aside from the standard black (in various formats) and coloured lashes, we also have styles to add extra drama such as diamenté, multicolour and glow-in-the dark - great for 1970s disco's and clubbing.

We also have versions to complement costumes such as Pantomime Dames, Queen of Hearts, etc.

Most eyelashes cost £5-£7 a set (which includes a tube of latex glue - with care lashes can be used several times)



Eyelashes are easy to apply - all you need is a mirror and a non-sharp pointed object (such as an orange stick or end of a paintbrush) to assist placement.

For real enthusiasts/purists/masochists we have some packs of individual sets of lashes - the sort you had to apply one-by-one in the Swinging Sixties!

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