For those who want to go that extra Mile!

At costumed events, it is usually said that it helps if people know Who or What you are at once - saves having to spend the whole time explaining! However sometimes the client (or we, on their behalf) may have come up with a novel concept or the client may require more 'back-story' and detail to help them get into the part. In these cases we can offer Character Information sheets to enable the client to be completely at ease with their adopted identity.

In many cases we can also provide extras to the costume which might give it an added dimension - visiting cards, badges, support literature, etc., thus helping enhance the impression made.

For those characters that involve make-up or body art, Antrix can often also provide appropriate charts/pictures and instructions with the costume.

Although many of the character sheets have been designed for use within Antrix for the benefit of our customers, there should be no reason why  others could not use them: The sheets are derived from the character information featured in our various theme packs and so, with substitution of a firm's own costume stock pictures and other 'local' information, they could be adapted for use in other areas.

Much of the information in the sheets is obviously not unique - it is equally available from sources such as the Internet, but they save the client having to do the research and, as a result of comments and feedback, the sheets are often amended or updated as necessary to be as helpful as possible.

As we are constantly expanding our range of sheets, if you would like more information on this aspect of our activities, please e-mail us.



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