Theme Ideas and Suggestions 

Coming up with theme ideas and following them through can be a time-consuming business. At Antrix we have a selection of products designed to give you help and advice on an extensive range of themes.   
'Any Excuse for a Party' Series
These are priced at 20 each and consist of three basic informative documents:-
1. A Perpetual Calendar with over 1000 different reasons or 'excuses' for events for every day of the year (three per day), all linked to a given theme.
2. An A-Z of Event & Party Themes with over 250 theme ideas and brief descriptions.
3. An A-Z of Costume Ideas and Suggestions with over 1500 costume/ character ideas and brief descriptions.

We also provide information on a wide variety of individual themes. These come in two basic formats:-

1. Briefing Sheets (BS) priced at 3.50 each. These are A4 doublesided sheets packed with basic ideas and information on specific topics, including suggestions for costumes, decorations, music, games, food and drink.

2. Theme Packs (THP) priced at 25 each. These are in-depth guides to the theme in question. Aside from expanding upon the ideas and information covered in the briefing sheets, we also include pictures and sources relevant to the theme.

The individual theme information has been divided into six basic categories. These are General (themes that cross over several categories), Arts & Entertainment, Historical, Fantasy, Natural World and Seasonal.

If you require a briefing sheet or theme pack on a particular topic that is not currently listed, we can usually put these together, but cost and delivery will be dependant on how much time is required to compile the information. Please ring to discuss your requirements.

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