Aside from costumes featured on the Costume Themes hub, this is a guide to costumes featured on our site headings.

The Bohemian Parisienne is an extremely versatile outfit which can work for various themes. Named after a style seen in the French Belle Epoch (the turn of the 19th Century, also notable for Moulin Rouge).It can also work for the late Victorian/Edwardian Era and, of course, an elegant Halloween-style outfit -it has been used for Mina, from Bram Stoker's Dracula, for instance.
Miss Scarlett/Jessica Rabbit. Miss Scarlett is a character from the board game Cluedo, but the concept of the femme fatale 'scarlet woman' is a regular feature of literature and film. In this incarnation we have a nod towards the legendary Jessica Rabbit from the 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' movie, the character being modelled on Veronica Lake, a star of the Golden Era of Hollywood.
Commander Norrington/ 'Hamilton' character . Originally made as a costume to counterpoint Captain Jack Sparrow and the sea-dogs of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. This outfit is now very 'on message' as it can work for one of the American colonial characters featuring in the current hit musical Hamilton.
Regency Couple. Regency and Georgian, because of the elegant outfits and wigs, can prove an interesting costume choice, although you may find the Internet sadly lacking in off-the-peg outfits. The era is currently in vogue due to the impact of 'The Favourite' (an Oscar favourite) about the rather eccentric life and times of Queen Anne.