So why should you hire rather than buy - and why should you hire from us?

You benefit from the help and advice of people who know their subject and are not just interested in sales figures and shifting a commodity. We have been in business for 28 years and collecting costumes for much longer than that. We can also offer suggestions and products for most themed events. 

We have over 1700 different costumes available for hire. Others may have more costumes, but there is such a thing as too much choice, and (in theory) you can only wear one costume at a time. We do not have ‘multiples’ of costumes, except for some  ‘groups’ such as Pink Ladies, T-Birds and Musketeers, and some male/female matched outfits.

Our costumes are sourced from suppliers both in Britain and around the world. In addition, we have costumes which we have created ourselves or can improvise 'on the fly'.

Unless you are lucky on eBay, most of the costumes we feature on our website cannot be found on the Internet. The possible exception is licensed character costumes. These we have to source from official suppliers and manufacturers (but you may find we have 'upgraded' from the basic model or enhanced the outfit with 'extras'). Because these character costumes are also more popular than 'generic' outfits, there are plenty of internet outlets willing to fight to offer low purchase price, so we tend not to stock them and instead offer you the opportunity to hire something different/original.

We are based out of town, so you can park within easy walking distance – usually right outside. No worries with meters or wardens -  and less far to carry costumes!

Similarly, within reason, you can take as long as you like to choose. We normally allow an hour between appointments, but if it takes longer, it is not usually a problem, except at particular busy periods.

Most of our costumes come complete. This is not always the case with outfits bought on the Internet (and in shops): You may find that what is in the packet is not exactly like the picture you have seen: For example, few come with the wig shown in the picture, and sometimes you have to provide/buy the trousers/skirt/tights/accessories as extras. We are also happy to hire/sell additional items to enhance the basic costume if necessary. Furthermore, we can also mix and match costumes and accessories to come up with a look that is unique to you. If you buy from a shop or Internet, you risk others turning up in the exact same costume!

All our costumes are stored on site in a temperature-controlled environment and are cleaned and ‘maintenanced’ after every hire.

You can choose outfits from our range of photo-catalogues (or from what you see here on the site) but anything selected can be tried on (unless, of course, it is out on loan or being ‘processed'). An internet picture will not tell you the quality of manufacture and whether a particular costume size will fit you - in our experience, one-size definitely does not always fit all, and some manufacturers’ ideas of sizing differ from others.

We take appointments both during the day and on most evenings up to 8pm (6.30pm Mondays and Saturdays). We try to have Sundays off - not always successfully! Making an appointment usually gives you exclusive access and attention in our limited-space environment. If forward-planning is a problem, it still helps to ring before you arrive, to avoid disappointment in case we are otherwise engaged or working ‘off-site’.

We hope to provide a friendly and efficient service and look forward to working with you.

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Our Green Credentials..

We very rarely throw anything away (this is not just business-related – unfortunately it is Peter’s default setting).

What does have to go is upcycled – we prefer to sell or donate rather than dump,  and what cannot be donated is recycled as much as possible.

Our costumes look after us by earning income, so we look after them. They share our house-space and when it comes to post-hire cleaning they are either hand-washed and line- dried (less water, detergent and power usage) or dry-cleaned – okay, not so green, but hygiene is a priority and some items need special care.

Because we take care of our outfits and buy in costumes with a good build quality, we (and you) are recycling costumes by using them time and again. As we come to Halloween, some would find it scary how many times certain costumes have been reused, but on the principle that people want to look good and will not hire anything that looks too worn out, our outfits seem to stand up well, in comparison to many purchased products

You do have to make the journey to collect and return hire outfits and although public transport links are close by, they are not always practical. Incidentally, full marks to those who have attempted to use a bicycle or walking when collecting/returning. Then again, on fuel costs/usage, you either need to get to the shop/outlet, or get the courier to deliver if you are buying. At least once you have come to us, you can mix, match and try on alternative outfits in a way that can be expensive or time consuming with mail-order.

The websites
There seems a trend away from purchasing the mass-produced and/or cheap and cheerful, so we have more visitors to the Antrix sites. We also receiving more feedback, so we are now developing and revamping aspects of the sites to meet changing needs, themes and requests.
Unlike some  sites, we can change and modify aspects and areas of our site as and when we wish, and meet customer requests for.specific information.
Similarly, when we are told of themed events in the area, we can insert and swap out the costume montage pictures which appear on our Costume Theme Hub. We can usually create montages reasonably quickly, so if you have any requests for an event which you are planning, (or costumes you'd like to see again) let us know.